How I Work

My Approach to Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is successful when you achieve the goal you have set out for yourself. Perhaps it's relief from acute symptoms such as anxiety, depression or binging and purging. Or maybe it's breaking a cycle of unsuccessful relationships or jobs. I want to help you make the changes you feel you haven't been able to make on your own—to help you stop doing things that are self-defeating and start living a more satisfying life.

To make this happen, you set the agenda.  After initial sessions devoted to your background, your reasons for seeking psychotherapy, and your goals for treatment, I want you to speak freely about whatever is on your mind. In response, I will be doing a range of things: asking questions about what you've said, suggesting strategies for handling life's challenges, and helping you explore your feelings. I want you to be able to think about yourself differently, to understand what in your past affects how you behave today, and to use therapy's insights to make constructive changes in your life


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